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Supplemental insurance can help fill in gaps in Medicare coverage

Medicare Supplement insurance helps offset medical expenses that go beyond what Medicare covers, but it doesn’t compensate for everything. That’s why it makes sense to pair other supplemental insurance with your Medicare Supplement plan.

Dental insurance

Medicare and most Medicare Supplement plans don’t cover dental care costs. Without a supplemental dental insurance plan, you could be on the hook for fees for cleanings, extractions, dentures, root canals, crowns, and more.


Wellabe’s Gold and Platinum plans will pay in addition to any plans you already have in force so you’ll be well protected. Some Wellabe plans offer a spouse rate or discounts on dental premiums when they’re added to a Wellabe Medicare Supplement plan or a Final Expense plan.1 Ask your agent if these options are available in your state.

Hospital Indemnity insurance

Since medical plans don’t cover every dollar of your hospital costs (such as deductibles, copays, etc.), you can use a Hospital Indemnity plan to pay out a specified, fixed-amount benefit for each day you’re in a hospital due to a covered sickness or injury. Depending on the coverage you select, Wellabe’s Hospital Indemnity plan may pay ancillary costs, such as skilled nursing care, ambulance transport, urgent care, chiropractic services, and travel and lodging expenses.


Your agent can find the right Hospital Indemnity riders to make your coverage more robust or help reduce your out-of-pocket costs. Ask your agent what options are available in your state.

First Diagnosis Cancer insurance

Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplement plans cover most medical expenses for cancer care, but not the indirect costs of a cancer diagnosis. Wellabe’s lump-sum payout First Diagnosis Cancer insurance plan is unrestrictive and can be used for anything from experimental treatments to lost income due to work absences.


In some states, Wellabe’s plan offers an inflation protection benefit that automatically increases the cash benefit amount by 5% of the original amount each year for the life of the policy. Ask your agent if it is available in your state.

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