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Wellabe will always be here — ready to serve, find solutions, build relationships, and help people prepare for good days and bad.

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Have more questions? Contact us or call the phone number on the back of your ID card.




  • Ultimately, our goal is to serve you better. 
  • During our company’s 94-year history, we have seen tremendous growth and want to ensure our brand evolves to continue to reflect the caring company we are.
  • We're bringing our entire organization together under Wellabe as one team, with one purpose. 
  • A unified brand will make it easier for you to do business with us and understand our complete product portfolio.
  • With a clear and consistent message and distinctive brand, you’ll recognize us better and be more aware of who we are and what we do.
  • Simply put, we’ll continue to operate the way we always have.
  • We’re still the same people, with the same products, and the same great service. 
  • Other than our new look, not much else is changing. 
  • Your policy coverage and benefits will remain the same. 
  • Your premiums won't change due to the new name. 
  • Your policy will continue to be administered by the same company.
  • You can continue to use the same ID card. 
  • Our mailing address and phone number will stay the same.
  • You will start seeing communications about your policy coming from Wellabe.

Your ID card is included in the Policy Packet you receive when you register for a policy. Digital insurance ID cards are available through our mobile app. When you log into our customer portal, you can view and print your ID card, as well as request an ID card be mailed to you. A digital or printed card is identical to a plastic ID card. 

Please note that not all policies have ID cards.

Policy details can be found inside your Policy Packet. If you no longer have a hard copy of your Policy Packet, you may download a copy within our customer portal. Once you’re logged in, download a PDF by clicking on the “View Policy Documents” button on the “Policies and Benefits” page. Policy documents are also available through our mobile app.

As a Wellabe customer, you have several safe and secure options to make payments: 

  • Log in to the customer portal and make a payment online.
  • Download the Wellabe: Be Well mobile app to manage your account and make a payment.
  • Set up automatic withdrawals from your bank account to make your payment every month. Just submit the Bank Draft Authorization form, located on the Forms page in our customer portal.

Mail a check, along with your payment coupon, to the address provided.

When you create a Wellabe digital account, you’ll have 24/7 access to our secure customer portal and mobile app. You can also perform a variety of tasks, depending on your type of plan: 

  • Check the status of claims
  • Read Explanations of Benefits
  • Access and request an ID card
  • Make payments using a credit card or automatic bank withdrawal
  • Communicate with our Customer Success and Claims departments 
  • Gauge progress toward deductibles
  • Download and submit forms
  • And more!

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With the Wellabe: Be Well app, you have instant access to important information about your plan, and you can complete policy-related tasks when it’s convenient for you. You can download it for free on the App Store or on Google Play.

Learn more about the Wellabe mobile app >

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