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Let's do more, worry less, and make every day better. Since 1929, we have provided solutions to help our customers protect their health and financial well-being. Every day we show we care through our shared values and doing what’s right. We’ll always be here helping people be well so they can prepare for tomorrow and live better today.

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Our purpose

To empower people to be well — well prepared and well protected.

Our journey

The story behind Wellabe

The name Wellabe comes from the phrase, “We’ll always be.” It’s who we’ve been and who we’ll always be — Wellabe.

Our values

Be dedicated.

Dedication is about more than how you spend your time. It’s about what’s in your heart. Wellabe is deeply dedicated to our customers and their well-being. With our words, our actions, and our attitudes, we are focused on delivering solutions and services that make each customer’s experience remarkable.

Be trustworthy.

Our customers count on us to fulfill our promises and to be reliable and real. Wellabe will always be here — ready to serve, find solutions, build relationships, and help people prepare for good days and bad. We approach everything we do with transparency, integrity, and follow-through.

Be determined.

We know we’ve done our jobs well when we can see the difference we’ve made in people’s lives. Amazing things happen when we work with purpose. We’ll find a way to find a way. That determination is how we create happy customers, a successful company, engaged employees, and communities that thrive.

Be collaborative.

We are far more powerful together than we ever are alone. Wellabe is full of smart, caring, hard-working people with a broad range of talents who understand collaboration is key. We bring our best selves every day, to connect with others to solve problems, spark innovation, and bring ideas to life.

Be open.

Being open to new ideas, new people, and new perspectives helps us approach each situation, each interaction, and each person with care and without judgment. Wellabe understands diversity makes us stronger. We care deeply about people and value who they are because it makes us who we are. Being respectful and open to all voices, backgrounds, cultures, and abilities helps us create better solutions to serve our customers and communities.

Be generous.

People helping people is who we are and who we’ve always been. By serving a greater purpose, our employees, customers, communities, and company all thrive. Wellabe is filled with generous and compassionate people who like to help and are willing to give their time, energy, skills, and heart to all that matters. We are never too busy to listen and are openhanded and warm-hearted in everything we do.

Be better.

Every day is an opportunity for us to learn, to be better than the day before, and be better than our customers expect. We want to make every day better for our customers, our employees, our company, and our communities. Continuously improving through small, consistent steps is how Wellabe grows as a company and how each of us grows individually. It’s about working hard because what we do matters.

Our history

Our company was founded by Watson Powell in 1929 as American Republic Insurance Company. From the beginning with 200 charter policies, our company was dedicated to providing personal insurance services at an affordable price. 

Through sound fiscal responsibility, our young company survived the Great Depression, which came just six months later. By 1945, our company moved beyond our Iowa borders to do business in a second state, Minnesota, rapidly followed by more states. And today, Wellabe’s six insurance companies are licensed in 49 states and the District of Columbia and are recognized by AM Best as having excellent financial strength. 

Mr. Powell’s vision was to create a company founded on the principal of caring. While we have seen tremendous growth over the years, that same caring attitude has carried on to today and will continue to carry on for the next 100 years as we unify under our new brand, Wellabe. 

We are in a people helping people business, and our entire team is dedicated to always being here for our customers. That’s actually where the name Wellabe comes from – the phrase “we’ll always be.” We’ll always be here for our customers, fulfilling our promises and helping them be well. Even nearly 95 years later, we are still caring for our customers, pushing boundaries, embracing growth, and transforming our organization.

Our culture

Wellabe is committed to fostering an internal culture of inclusivity, well-being, and development so each of our team members can succeed. We provide employee resource groups, innovative professional learning and development opportunities, competitive benefits programs and more, because we are focused on creating an environment where employees can thrive. 

Our employees

Meet Dani Whitlow

Dani Whitlow has been a Wellabe employee for 23 years. She says her role as a Technical Business Analyst parallels her scrapbooking hobby.

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Our voices

Working at Wellabe is very rewarding! We have a great group of employees who rally to support one another in all efforts. You’ll find people willing to back others up, jump on a call at moment’s notice, or offer guidance to find the best solution. People helping people — it’s what we do internally — and I feel the Wellabe name speaks to what we are doing together as a team and what we do for our customers too.

Angie Kurcz

Quality Assurance Manager

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Wellabe employees are connected by shared experiences, a common purpose, and a passion to help others. We know what we do matters. We have a deep desire to positively impact lives and build a world where people are empowered to be well — well prepared, well protected, and well loved.

Our subsidiaries

American Republic Corp Insurance Company

American Republic Insurance Company

Administers for American Family Mutual Insurance Company, S.I., American Family Insurance Company, Continental General Insurance Company, Central Reserve Life Insurance Company, and Provident American Life Insurance Company

Great Western Insurance Company

Medico Corp Life Insurance Company

Medico Insurance Company

Administers for Ability Insurance Company and Knights of Columbus Health and Accident Division

Medico Life and Health Insurance Company

Administers for Pioneer Mutual Life Insurance Company

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