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Wellabe is full of smart, caring, hard-working people with a broad range of talents who understand collaboration is key. We bring our best selves every day, to connect with others to solve problems, spark innovation, and bring ideas to life.

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Get to know Dave Keith, who will become Wellabe's next CEO in January 2024.

Meet Dani Whitlow

Technical Business Analyst

Dani Whitlow has been a Wellabe employee for 23 years. She says her role as a Technical Business Analyst parallels her scrapbooking hobby.

Employee spotlights

karen baker

'I love making change happen as much as helping my team succeed in their career paths.'

During her four years at Wellabe, Karen Baker has adapted — and flourished — in her versatile role as AVP of Business Solutions in the Technology and Innovation Solutions department.

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matthew beauchamp

'My coworkers are supportive and always willing to help each other out. In the short time I have been at Wellabe, they’ve helped me to grow tremendously.'

Matthew Beauchamp has been with Wellabe for a year and a half and is an Accountant 1 on the management reporting team. 

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erin bueltel

'I’m proud that I’ve been able to work in multiple roles while at Wellabe.'

As the Director of Product Solutions, Erin Bueltel develops Wellabe’s health products, manages in-force policies, and maintains relationships between departments. 

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margaret burk

'I was inspired to pursue this career by the prospect of professional and personal growth opportunities.'

As Payroll Administrator at Wellabe, Margaret Burk not only oversees payroll, but she also is the administrator for accounts payable and unclaimed property.

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beverly couch

'I’m inspired by Wellabe’s commitment to THRIVE.'

From contractor to Customer Success Specialist, Bevery Couch has been thriving at Wellabe for over one year.

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ed croushore

'There’s something very rewarding in knowing that our products are filling a need for our customers.'

As the Vice President of Product Solutions, Edward Croushore collaborates with colleagues to design products that fulfill customers' needs.

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jared dance

'I hope to blossom and advance in responsibility in the Sales Distribution team.'

As the Director of Distribution Operations, Jared Dance is responsible for managing daily sales operations.

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michelle ingle

'It’s rewarding to be part of a great team.'

Assistant General Counsel Michelle Ingle handles contracts, employment-related immigration law issues, intellectual property issues, and general corporate matters.

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susan kelly

'I can’t wait to see the work that we’re doing today make the impact we anticipate five years from now.'

As Wellabe’s Director of Mutual Transformation, Susan Kelly uses her extensive background in leading teams through operational improvements to impact her role.

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nathan lair

'I look forward to being an active participant in Wellabe’s growth and helping our company shine.'

As a Claims Specialist 2, Nathan Lair is most proud of the connections he has made with coworkers and policyholders.

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anthony leto

'I had always wanted to get into human resources because I liked the aspect of being a support to employees.'

Anthony Leto’s enthusiasm for supporting employees and helping them grow makes him stand out in his role as Human Resource Coordinator at Wellabe.

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bekah link

'My favorite aspect of this job lies in the incredible teammates I have the privilege to work with.'

As Wellabe’s Internal Communications Consultant, Bekah Link not only keeps employees informed but she also tells their stories. 

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julie pearce

'I’m so excited about the opportunity to work with established and source-emerging companies for transformational opportunities.'

As Wellabe's Vice President, Chief Business Development and Transformation Officer, Julie Pearce is responsible for developing and executing strategies across the enterprise. 

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lindsey petersen

'I love working with data to understand the story that lies behind to detect and correct errors.'

As an Accounting Manager, Lindsey Petersen enjoys telling Wellabe's story with data and numbers.

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sarah todd

'I’ve expanded my knowledge by learning a lot about the health insurance industry.'

With more than 22 years of experience in the marketing industry, Sarah Todd embraces her passion as a Marketing Communications Consultant for the health insurance sales team at Wellabe.

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dani whitlow

'One of my favorite things about my job is that I have the opportunity to help people.'

Dani Whitlow, a Technical Business Analyst 3, has been making an impact at Wellabe for 24 years.

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