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Vision and hearing insurance

Wellabe has teamed up with two top-notch providers to fill vision and hearing insurance gaps and reduce your out-of-pocket costs. Our partnerships with VSP® Individual Vision Plans and Start Hearing® can provide full-service, competitive coverage that fits your needs.

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Vision coverage

VSP Individual Vision Plans offers high-quality, low-premium, full-service vision plans that are tailor-made for you. They have two plan options — for you, one extra person, or your whole family — that put you in control of when and how you want to use benefits and ensure your unique prescription and materials are covered.1 

  • Help detect early signs of health conditions, like diabetes, with an annual WellVision Exam®.
  • Enroll and use your benefits immediately at over 41,000 providers
  • Make the most of your benefits when you visit a VSP Premier Program Location. 
  • Get an extra $20 to spend on featured frame brands; plus, save up to 30% on lens enhancements.2
  • Let VSP and your doctor file claims for you.

Call 800-877-7195 or visit VSP’s website.

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Hearing coverage

Start Hearing takes care of everything — with or without an insurance benefit or referral — from finding a provider and scheduling an appointment to placing a hearing aid order and ensuring a proper fit. With this free program, you and your family can receive: 

  • Discounts up to 48% on the latest technology, including hearing aids and tinnitus options
  • One year of free office visits3 
  • 60-day risk-free trial period 
  • Access to a nationwide network of 3,000+ hearing professionals
  • A three-year supply of free batteries4 
  • Free warranty plan, including repairs and loss and damage
  • Financing options

Call 855-581-3954 or visit Start Hearing’s website.

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Wellabe offers life and supplemental health insurance plans to help you prepare for good days and bad. We’ll always be here to empower you to be well — well prepared, well protected, and well loved.

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