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Dental insurance

At Wellabe, we want you to be well always, both with your health and finances. It’s why we provide competitive, individual dental insurance plans that can be used at any provider with no waiting period.

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When you stay on top of your dental visits, you ensure good oral health — and protection from painful, inconvenient, and expensive situations. Many health insurance options, including Medicare, don’t include coverage for regular dental treatment, including routine cleanings, dentures, fillings, and more. 

Just like a crown or filling can help fill in the gaps, supplemental dental insurance can help you restore the health of your teeth — while maintaining the strength of your savings.

Find the ideal dental plan

Regardless of your age, our Gold and Platinum plans may be good dental insurance for you if you:

  • Regularly visit the dentist for preventive care, such as routine cleanings
  • Are looking to keep your teeth healthy
  • Want back-up coverage for basic and major dental services
  • Want immediate dental coverage for services, such as X-rays, check-ups, and fillings
  • Worry about the cost of major dental services — such as crowns and implants — and want some extra financial protection

Select dental coverage that’s easy on the wallet

It shouldn’t be hard to find a dental plan that helps you maintain a healthy smile. It shouldn’t be costly either. At Wellabe, we make it simple and affordable, because it’s the right thing to do.

  • Two plan options with customizable coverage levels 
  • First-day coverage for all services
  • Security in comprehensive dental coverage with benefits for preventive, basic, and major services
  • Combined savings when you add your spouse to the dental policy when you apply 
  • 5% discount if either you or your spouse are applying for and issued a Wellabe Medicare Supplement or Final Expense plan at the same time as the dental plan or already have an existing Wellabe Medicare Supplement or Final Expense plan.1

Choose any dental provider

At Wellabe, we want you to be well protected with treatment from a medical care team you love. Our dental insurance options allow you to use whatever dentist you prefer. 

You can also score extra savings if you use an in-network dental provider from our network, which focuses on neighborhood dentists and is one of the largest in the United States. 

Optional rider benefits

When you apply, you may choose one of two additional benefits to add to your dental insurance policy for an additional fee.

Buyup benefit

Available for both levels in each plan, the Buyup benefit allows you to add $1,000 of coverage (buyup) to maximize your benefits. 

For example, if you have the Gold $1,000 plan and add a $1,000 buyup, you’ll have $2,000 of dental insurance coverage. 

Calendar Year Maximum Carry-over benefit 

If you think you may not use your plan’s full benefits during the year, you can add the carry-over benefit to your plan. You will be able to carry over any amount not used until you reach a max of $3,000. 

For example, if you have the Gold $1,000 plan and only use $500 of the benefit, you can carry over the extra $500 to the next plan year.

   Optional benefit riders2





   Buyup benefit

Add $1,000 of coverage (buyup) to maximize benefits.

Add $1,000 of coverage (buyup) to maximize benefits.
   Calendar Year Maximum Carry-over 

Allows up to $3,000 to be carried over to the next calendar year.

Allows up to $3,000 to be carried over to the next calendar year.

   Plan benefits

   Calendar year maximum


   Preventive services (NWP)
   Evaluations, cleaning, and X-rays

100%; $0 deductible100%; $0 deductible

   Calendar year deductible

$50 for basic and major services$50 for basic and major services

We pay the following coinsurance percentages after the deductible:

   Basic services (NWP)
   Diagnostic X-rays, fillings, and
   nonsurgical extractions


   Major services
   Bridges, crowns, dentures, implants, 
   surgical extractions, root canals, and 
   periodontal services

20% within first 12 months;
50% after 12 months
20% within first 12 months;
50% after 12 months



Most health insurance plans, including Medicare, don’t cover exams and services related to basic dental health care. Medicare only covers these types of procedures if you have a medical emergency or if your doctor orders them for medical treatment. But Wellabe’s supplemental dental plans provide comprehensive, first-day coverage for all services — from preventive and basic procedures to major services.

Dental insurance plans are supplemental, which means they’re a separate investment from regular health insurance to complete your overall insurance portfolio. As you select your dental insurance plan, examine the policy to ensure it covers the basics (cleanings, fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, root canals, etc.). 

If you’re on the fence about the right dental insurance plan for you, survey the percentage of each service the policy pays, the bonus benefits included, and if there is a waiting period for the supplemental dental insurance to begin.

Absolutely, we can help you feel well protected if you need coverage quickly. A waiting period is the length of time between the dental insurance plan’s start date and when your covered care can begin. Most plans will include preventive care immediately, but may delay more expensive care, such as a crown or an extraction, until a later date. But Wellabe offers comprehensive coverage dental plans without a waiting period from Day 1.

By ensuring your oral health, you’re protecting your overall health. Without regular cleanings, bacteria can build up and lead to decay, cavities, and possible tooth loss. But poor dental health can also lead to other health challenges, like pneumonia or endocarditis (an infection of the inner lining of the heart). And less-than-stellar dental health can be a warning sign for other chronic health conditions, including diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. 

Dental insurance for older adults is especially important. As you age, your teeth need more attention. Case in point: More than 70% of adults 65 years and older have periodontal disease. Plus, almost 26% of U.S. adults age 65 or older have eight teeth or fewer due to tooth decay or gum disease. Having a dental insurance policy that covers regular exams and common procedures means you can maintain your health without draining your savings account or retirement income.

Even though you have the freedom to use any provider and the confidence that the plan will cover your care, additional savings may occur if you use an in-network dental provider for services, such as exams, cleanings, dentures, and root canals. Our dental network focuses on neighborhood dentists. It is one of the largest in the United States, but it’s not available in all states. Find participating dental providers in your state.

When you become a Wellabe policyholder, you’ll have access to resources that make it easy to make the most of your plan, including our mobile app, customer portal, and Customer Success team via email or phone. Visit the Customer resources page to learn more.

Most providers submit claims on your behalf, but you can also file dental claims by mail, fax, or through our mobile app. Once your claim is submitted, you can check its claim status in our mobile app or Wellabe’s customer portal. Visit the Customer resources page to register for an account.

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