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Employee Spotlight: Edward Croushore

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Edward Croushore

‘There’s something very rewarding in knowing that our products are filling a need for our customers.’

One of Ed Croushore’s proudest accomplishments is getting to be part of someone realizing and working toward their development goals. 

As the Vice President of Product Solutions, Ed collaborates with other areas, primarily Sales and Actuary, to design products that help Wellabe empower customers to be well — well prepared and well protected. 

“There’s something very rewarding in knowing that our products are filling a need for our customers, whether it be a financial, physical, or emotional need,” he says. 

Ed’s favorite part of working at Wellabe is the people that he gets to work with and the different opportunities and challenges that arise due to the broad range of groups that he interacts with. 

He also really enjoys that his job is ever changing. 

“Our company, industry, markets, customers, and agents, everything is always changing so there’s always something new, fresh, and exciting that we get to work with.” 

Ed has seen Wellabe go through incredible growth during his 21 years with the company. 

“I hope my team, and those around me, are proud to be able to say they were part of a great time in Wellabe’s history,” he says. “I’m hoping in five years’ time we’re still climbing that mountain and that we haven’t reached the summit yet.” 

Fun fact
If caught on the right day, Ed would sing karaoke with anyone. “It won’t be any good, but we’d have fun doing it,” he says.
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