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Employee Spotlight: Susan Kelly

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employee spotlight Susan Kelly

'I can’t wait to see the work that we’re doing today make the impact we anticipate five years from now.'

As Wellabe’s Director of Mutual Transformation, Susan Kelly aspires to be a learner, leader, advocator, and collaborator. She uses her extensive background in leading teams through corporate-level operational improvements in insurance, financial services, and customer experience to impact her role at Wellabe.

With her 20 years of experience, Susan is helping Wellabe source emerging technologies and solutions that will help benefit and engage customers. Innovation is Susan’s focus as she finds more efficient ways to work within the company’s teams.

“In every role I’ve had, I’ve always advocated for change, process innovation, customer engagement, and continuous improvement, working to see how things can be done better,” Susan says. “I’ve been fortunate to have had several leaders (current one included) who have allowed me to pursue these areas passionately.”

Susan has accomplishments to be proud of during her time at Wellabe.

“I have had the opportunity to collaborate with several areas to lead the implementation of our customer mobile app, enhance Hospital Indemnity claims digitization, and focus on leading several of our Health Innovation and Transformation projects,” she says.

Susan loves meeting incredibly bright and talented founders and learning about the groundbreaking ways they’re solving problems.

“No two days in my world are the same, ever!” she says.

Susan is most excited to continue growing Wellabe’s customer experience and engagement through health initiatives that are being explored.

“I can’t wait to see the work that we’re doing today make the impact we anticipate five years from now,” she says.

Fun fact
Susan will graduate this year with her master’s degree in organizational leadership. She hopes to leverage her education and experience to teach the next generation of leaders in her spare time.
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