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Employee Spotlight: Nathan Lair

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Employee Spotlight Nathan Lair

'I look forward to being an active participant in Wellabe’s growth and helping our company shine.'

Nathan Lair says that he wouldn’t have made the switch to his role as a Claims Specialist at Wellabe if it had not been for John Scheffler from New Business. John inspired Nathan to make a career pivot that combined his medical experience and insurance interest. 

Nathan had been a registered nurse for more than 18 years, primarily in the home care setting for pediatric and adult patients. 

“I was seeking to join a company that was humanistic and allowed me to be a dedicated employee and an amazing father outside of work. I am proud to say Wellabe has allowed that,” Nathan said. 

He has been processing customers’ claims at Wellabe for over a year. 

“I enjoy bringing a dedicated and holistic approach to my claims handling. I want our policyholders to feel taken care of and not just another customer,” he said. “I enjoy being part of a wonderful company that welcomed me with open arms and has offered limitless support and opportunities.” 

He is most proud of the connections he is building with his coworkers and the positive daily collaborations he has with them. He also highly enjoys the opportunities he must connect with policyholders and provide them support and conversation – something he always enjoyed while in direct patient care.

“I look forward to being an active participant in Wellabe’s growth and helping our company shine,” he said. 

Fun fact
Nathan is a single father of a strong-willed 3-year-old son and a Dungeons and Dragons nerd. He also used to weigh over 300 pounds before losing the excess weight when he was 21 years old. He will turn 40 next year and has kept the weight off for 18 years through intermittent fasting.
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