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Employee Spotlight: Erin Bueltel

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Erin Bueltel

‘I’m proud that I’ve been able to work in multiple roles while at Wellabe.’

Erin Bueltel has been around the block in her 18 years at Wellabe. 

“I started my career at Wellabe on the product and actuary team, moved over to tech, then project management, and back around to the product team,” she says. “I'm proud of the fact that I've been able to work in multiple roles while at Wellabe.”

Now, Erin is the Director of Product Solutions. Her key responsibilities include assisting with the development of Wellabe’s health products, managing in-force policies, and maintaining relationships between departments. 

Her father helped set her on the career path. 

She says, “My father was an executive at an insurance company while I was growing up. I was given an opportunity to intern for him while in high school, and the rest is history, so they say.” 

Getting to work with multiple areas of the company and experiencing new challenges each day are some of Erin’s favorite parts of the job.

“I hope that I can continue providing value to Wellabe and learn and adapt as needed,” she says. 

Fun fact
Erin works the scorer’s table for the Creighton University basketball teams and can often be seen trying not to cheer on TV.
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