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Wellabe is committed to fostering an internal culture of inclusivity, well-being, and development so each of our team members can succeed. We provide employee resource groups, innovative professional learning and development opportunities, competitive benefits programs and more, because we are focused on creating an environment where employees can thrive.

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Our journey

The story behind Wellabe

The name Wellabe comes from the phrase, “We’ll always be.” It’s who we’ve been and who we’ll always be — Wellabe.

Our principles

Culture of betterment
As a people helping people business, continuous improvement and betterment are at the heart of everything we do. Every member of our incredibly talented team cares for our customers, our distribution partners, our communities, and each other.
Wellabe has expanded its Environmental, Social, and Governance program and is focused on becoming a more sustainable, ethical, and inclusive company. We believe building a greener world starts with our own actions, inside our own walls, and in our communities.
Agile principles have been implemented by many organizations as a business mindset to help prioritize work, improve execution, and continually deliver results. Wellabe has adopted this approach at all levels and continues to make strides in its agile initiatives.

Our dedication

years at Wellabe
One employee is hitting this milestone in 2024.
years at Wellabe
Twenty employees are hitting this milestone in 2024.
years at Wellabe
Nine employees are hitting this milestone in 2024.

Join our team

Wellabe employees are connected by shared experiences, a common purpose, and a passion to help others. We know what we do matters. We have a deep desire to positively impact lives and build a world where people are empowered to be well — well prepared, well protected, and well loved.


Our employee groups

Culture club

Our culture club is focused on building connections through social events, where employees are encouraged to get to know each other through entertaining activities, such as online photo contests and in-person events.

Recognition group

With such outstanding employees, it's only fitting that one of our groups is focused on gratitude and acknowledgment. Our recognition group celebrates employees’ milestone anniversaries and professional and personal achievements. Encouraging our fellow employees motivates us to do our best, both individually and as a team.

Charitable Giving group

Caring for our communities means giving back in meaningful ways. Our charitable giving group supports numerous nonprofits that serve and uplift individuals in need. Through planned initiatives, our employees were able to unite and make a positive impact.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion group

As a champion of inclusive hiring practices, we diversify our perspectives with the guidance of the diversity, equity, and inclusion group. This group focuses on creating equitable solutions for our company by providing opportunities for education and awareness through training exercises, book clubs, guest speakers, and culturally focused events.

Well-being group

Our well-being group combines friendly competition with wellness initiatives when we participate in the Des Moines Corporate Games. The group also provides ways to recharge, such as movement challenges, yoga, and educational articles and videos.

Volunteer group

In conjunction with our company’s philanthropic efforts, our volunteer group coordinates our partnership with Meals from the Heartland and continues our nearly 30-year tradition of delivering Meals on Wheels. Our employees also dedicate numerous hours of volunteer time-off to hands-on service to better our neighborhoods and communities.


Our voices

I joined and became involved on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion employee resource group shortly after getting hired. I reached out to a fantastic leader regarding my community involvement with the Des Moines NAACP. Wellabe responded with a sponsorship at the Freedom Fund Banquet, and I received a nomination for the Fighting Forward Award.

Beverly Couch

Customer Success Specialist

The company culture here is supportive, inclusive, and aspirational. The best thing about working here is the people — genuine, caring, striving to be and do better. Working remotely, I appreciate all the opportunities to interact with and get to know these wonderful people better, virtually and in real life.

Loni Pham

Claims Service Specialist

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Meet Dani Whitlow

Dani Whitlow has been a Wellabe employee for 23 years. She says her role as a Technical Business Analyst parallels her scrapbooking hobby.

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