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Introducing Wellabe’s first influencer: Abe Goldstien

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Abe Goldstien shows his Wellabe shirt

Abe will share Wellabe’s blog content and his insights on well-being in retirement

Abe Goldstien has been a Wellabe customer for nearly seven years, but the first time he contacted the company was a few months ago. He didn’t have an issue with his Medicare Supplement or Dental policies. He wanted to see if he could get swag with the new brand’s logo on it.

“I’m a happy, satisfied customer. I haven’t even had to see if Wellabe has good customer service because I haven’t had any problems,” he says. “I received a postcard in the mail that said the new name, Wellabe. To me, it had my name on it — ‘Well, Abe.’ I’ve always struggled to find things with my name on it, so I called to see if I could get something.”

Abe got his tchotchke. But his request also led to the marketing department asking him to be Wellabe’s first influencer. Abe will help Wellabe educate fellow older adults on how to be well protected and well prepared in retirement.

Being well protected

A Rochester, New York native, Abe moved to Iowa to attend college in 1969 and never left. He worked in radio, TV, and agency advertising; married twice; and raised two kids. When it came time to retire and sign up for Medicare and supplemental insurance, Abe did what he normally does — he leaned on the experts in their field.

“It was seamless for me because I looked to people I trust and let them advise me,” he says. “My agent got me what I needed.”

His agent helped him get Wellabe Medicare Supplement and Dental policies.

When asked if he thinks Wellabe’s plans have been a good fit for him, Abe says, “I’m happy with something when I don’t have to be involved in the process, and I have what I need. I trust Wellabe, and I trust the agent made sure I have what I need.”

Being well prepared

Abe has had a full life, and he’s been living a full retirement. He plays the accordion at senior centers, is the executive director on a local jazz committee, is active with the CultureALL organization, and is continuing a friend’s legacy by writing his weekly jazz blog. But he’s most excited that he’s finally pursuing his true passion in retirement — teaching. 

Abe assists teachers at a nearby elementary school, and in between classes, he teaches kids to play chess. He started with one student, and now 60 kids give up their recess to play with him.

“I’m 72. I don’t know what 72 is supposed to feel like,” he says. “Being around young people keeps me young, keeps me on my toes.” 

Abe says it’s important for older adults to not only be financially prepared for retirement but mentally prepared by finding ways to pursue their passions and “keep the spark.” And he says retirees’ overall well-being depends on remaining active and occupying their time and minds.

“If I didn’t have the passion to teach or music, I’d be bored out of mind,” he says. “You have to find a passion to keep active and social, so you’re not getting to retirement and saying, ‘Now what do I do?’ and you can lead a rich life.” 

Look for Abe

Abe will be sharing Wellabe’s blog content and his insights on well-being in retirement on our social media channels — Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. If you’d like to see Abe discuss certain topics, please email your suggestions to communications@wellabe.com

And if you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for Wellabe’s monthly e-newsletter to receive tips on protecting your health and financial well-being. Visit the newsletter archive to see what you’ve been missing.

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