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Preneed payments

Just as our Preneed insurance plans offer options for covering funeral expenses, Wellabe offers a variety of options for paying your premiums.

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Make a one-time payment

You may use this option if you wish to make your policy current with one credit card or debit card payment. 

Please note: If you make a payment online, do not include the GP or SP when entering the 10 numerals in your policy number. 

Make a one-time payment >

Set up monthly credit card payments

Use this option to set up a new policy on monthly credit card billing with a Visa or MasterCard. If you’re using a paper application, include the confirmation code on the enrollment form before submitting it for processing. You may also submit and process new applications for monthly credit card billing through MyEnroller®, where available. 

Pay monthly premium >

Pay Single Pay policy or add-on rider

Please use this option to pay the single premium for your policy at the time of application or for an add-on rider with a credit card or debit card.

Please note: If you make a payment online, do not include the GP or SP when entering the 10 numerals in your policy number. 

Pay single premium >

Pay off policy early

If you'd like to pay off your policy early, you may do so with a credit card or debit card. A fee may be applied to credit card payment, but you may qualify for an early pay-off discount. Call 800-995-9010 for more details, or click the button below to make a payment. 

Pay policy off early >

Start automatic bank draft payments

You may switch to automatic bank draft anytime during your policy period, as long as your Preneed Funeral insurance policy is current. No additional fees or processing costs apply, and you may qualify to save $2 off each regular premium payment. Call 800-995-9010 to set up your account. Following processing, your next premium will be paid automatically on the day of the month you select.

Change payment method for an existing policy

You may switch your monthly premium payments to a credit card or change existing credit card information by using the customer portal or calling 800-995-9010.

Visit customer portal >

Send check or money order payments

You may mail checks or money orders to:

Insurance Processing Center
P.O. Box 712028
Denver, CO 80271-2028 

Call 800-995-9010 for payments assistance.

Please note: Only Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are accepted, and a fee may be applied to a credit card payment.